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Stamped Asphalt

Asphalt stamping creates driveways, walkways and decks that are beautiful, inviting, long-lasting and affordable.

While interlocking stone or brick pavers remain the most popular decorative hardscape surface for driveways, walkways and decks, the cost is prohibitive to many. While standard asphalt pavement is practical and affordable, many consider it unattractive compared to the looks achieved with other decorative hardscape solutions.

Stamped or “textured” asphalt is quickly becoming a popular alternative to paver surfaces and the preferred method of affordably improving the surfaces of parking lots, driveways, walkways and decks.

Our creative, professional crew can simulate many types of masonry, from basic to intricate, that works best for your particular environment and needs.

What is Stamped Asphalt?

Asphalt stamping is an ingenious and complex technique that transforms normal asphalt into imitation brick or stone surfaces. Utilizing heat, a stamping template and other specialized equipment, an impression is created in the asphalt surface to mimic paver patterns. 

The impressions created by stamping asphalt can be achieved on new asphalt applications as well as on existing newer asphalt surfaces. Once the stamping has been completed, a colored epoxy coating is applied. The coating is protective as well as decorative. 

Though traditional asphalt pavement is inherently dark, a wide range of colors - from soft to bold - can be applied and will last several years when properly maintained. 

Why Stamped Asphalt?

Aside from its affordability, stamped asphalt is much more durable than brick pavers. It requires minimal maintenance. Though the look of stamped asphalt mimics brick, it has the advantage of being a continuous surface that inhibits growth of grass and weeds, erosion and movement. Because it is more flexible than brick pavers, it resists cracking and is more easily repaired. It provides greater traction in inclement weather conditions.

The patterns, textures and colors dramatically increase the decorative appeal over a plain asphalt/pavement surface. The applied epoxy color extends the life of the surface considerably, while protecting the asphalt from the sun’s damaging rays, providing a cooler surface.

Stamped Asphalt in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties

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