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Sealcoat and Striping

Sealcoating of aged or damaged asphalt affordably beautifies, protects and extends the lifespan of the surface.

The Asphalt Jungle provides affordable and durable asphalt sealcoating services. Sealcoating is a popular technique for maintaining an existing asphalt surface area. An asphalt “sealcoat” is a thin surface treatment of heavy, clay-based emulsion oil that is applied to a paved surface.

Besides beautifying by making the surface a uniform, deep black color, sealcoating provides a durable, waterproof cover on driveways, parking lots and roadways. Over time, asphalt surfaces will erode and degrade through oxidation, aging and vehicle traffic. Sealcoating adds life to existing asphalt.

The cost of sealcoating is minimal compared to the costs of replacement or repair.


Striping refers to the design, layout and painting of an asphalt parking lot, playground or roadway area. Typical striping work includes car stalls, handicap parking stalls, traffic arrows, speed bumps and any other stencil work which might be required.

Additional services include curb painting, concrete parking bumpers and handicap parking signs.

Other asphalt maintenance services include:

  • Cleaning asphalt area of all loose dirt and debris
  • Crack repair
  • Asphalt paving repairs as needed
  • Sealcoat application
  • Traffic control, barricades and flagging
  • Layout and design of parking lots
  • Striping of parking stalls and handicap parking stalls
  • Striping of all stencils including numbers, names, “Visitor”, “Reserved”, “Compact”
  • Painting and stenciling of curbs
  • Concrete parking bumper installation and replacement
  • Speed bump installation and striping

Sealcoat and Striping in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties

For superior asphalt sealcoat and striping services paired with unequalled customer service, contact The Asphalt Jungle TODAY at 310-457-5229 to schedule a FREE consultation and estimate.

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