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Brentwood Asphalt Paving Contractor

Providing asphalt paving, and hardscape design, construction and repair throughout Brentwood, CA.

Homeowners and owner-managers of commercial and industrial properties in Brentwood, CA want the same thing from paving service providers: High quality workmanship, a high quality product and high levels of service.

The Asphalt Jungle, Brentwood
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The Asphalt Jungle meets these expectations regardless of whether the project is a single homeowner or a commercial enterprise. Our range of hardscape solutions includes variety of affordable material options:

Asphalt Paving | Chipseal | Color Coating | Concrete
Pavers | Sealcoat & Striping | ADA Compliance

Brentwood Asphalt Paving Contractor

What is asphalt? In simplest terms it’s a mixture of petroleum byproducts, sometimes referred to as bitumen, and aggregate (stones and sand).

Why is it the top choice for residential and commercial paving? Because parking lots, streets and driveways need a resilient material that can stand up to traffic, time and weather for many years.

Maintenance as well as proper installation ensure that asphalt will last a long time. Contact The Asphalt Jungle if you want to repair or replace an existing driveway or parking area: we’ve been in this business since the 1970s so we know how to do the work correctly, within budget and on schedule.

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Brentwood Chipseal Contractor

Technically known as “asphaltic surface treatment,” chipseal involves a layer of decorative gravel over a secure layer of asphalt. It not only creates an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eyes – and ears – it can be cost-effective (40% less!) compared to straight-up pavement.

Chipsealing is most often done in residential (driveway) applications, but also in parking lots and on private roads.

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Brentwood Colored Asphalt Contractor

Color coating of asphalt isn’t just about tennis and basketball courts. It can be about safety, to make distinctions for drivers after dark. It can be about aesthetics, making a driveway complement a brick or other color on a home or business, or brighten up a pool or patio area. Color-coated asphalt can also help separate vehicles, bicycles, and handicapped and pedestrian areas, all to move traffic efficiently and safely.

How is asphalt colored? Epoxy-based polymer compounds are applied in a cover coat that has the added benefit of increased durability.

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Brentwood Concrete Construction Contractor

That smooth, stone-like surface of concrete is no accident. It derives from combining water, cement, aggregate (gravel and sand) and water, heated at the right temperatures and poured into forms. How that hard surface performs at directing rainwater to the right places is a matter of properly placing and leveling the whole structure (gutters, curbs, sidewalks, driveways and patios) in an integrated fashion. This sometimes includes being strategically adjacent to asphalt and landscaping softscapes (soils and plants).

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Brentwood Pavers and Paving Stone Contractor

Like that cobblestone look? Modern pavers (paving stones) can create Old World charm in modern driveways, parking areas, walkways, pool decks and patios – and with expert placement provide a much smoother trip as well. While usually more expensive than asphalt and concrete paving, pavers are more affordable than most expect, and they are remarkably durable.

For an extra benefit, pavers can be laid to be permeable. This allows rainwater to run under the pavers and be absorbed by the earth (and nearby vegetation) instead of pooling where water is unwanted. All paver installations require professional skills as found with the staff at The Asphalt Jungle.

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Brentwood Sealcoat and Striping Contractor

Want to extend the life of an existing asphalt driveway or parking area? Aging asphalt surfaces can be protected and look new again with sealcoating. Popular for years, a sealcoat is a thin surface treatment made of a heavy emulsion (a clay-based oil) applied to the existing surface. The beautification benefit is instant and what The Asphalt Jungle loves to provide.

Another treatment of asphalt for different purposes is striping. These are the lines and other markers painted on asphalt to demarcate boundaries for games, car stalls, handicap parking, traffic directions (including walkways for pedestrians), speed bumps and of course the free throw line on an asphalt basketball court.

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Brentwood ADA Compliance Contractor

The Asphalt Jungle has long worked with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in building parking stalls, paths of travel, ensuring proper slopes (wheelchair accessible), pavement striping, and signage. Achieving ADA-compliant public places is more than a matter of making a business legal – it makes it more accessible to more customers.

Discrimination in access doesn’t help anyone. Contact a professional at The Asphalt Jungle to learn what is required and how it can be accomplished.

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